Rebooting Education

Support young people to engage in life and learning


Rebooting Education

Reboot creates calmer and more productive classrooms and more effective individual support


Rebooting Education

Reboot gives you the tools to build a culture of connection, hope and self-responsibility


Rebooting Education

Reboot training teaches you how to engage the whole-brain in learning to improve outcomes and life success


Welcome to Rebooting Education!

Whole Brain Learning

Every young person deserves a chance to learn. Unfortunately, not every student is willing or able to engage in their learning opportunities. Reboot gives you a practical and proven 7-Step framework to help children and young people develop the skills to engage in life and learning. Grounded in the neuroscience of learning and trauma, developmental and positive psychology, mindfulness and social change theory, Reboot provides simple language and tools to enrich your daily interactions and improve relationships, behavior, emotional and social wellness and learning outcomes.

Reboot’s practical tools, memorable language and clear direction create calmer and happier classrooms while building the life skills necessary to thrive in our unpredictable future world. Enrich your existing practice to engage the disengaged and create a calm and happy classroom for all students, aged 5+.

Reboot tailors to your community:

  • Are the majority of your students/clients disengaged from mainstream schools and services?
  • Are many of your students/clients known to have experienced family breakdowns, neglect, childhood instability or have not had their key developmental needs met?
  • Does your school/program have highly reactive, emotional or ‘shut-down’ students/young people?
  • Are your staff struggling to deal with the stories, behaviors and attitudes of students despite their best intentions?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions our Reboot trauma-informed education stream provides you with the practical tools to support young people with a history of complex trauma.

  • Are the children and young people in your school community unable to see the possibilities that can be opened to them through a good education?
  • Does your school cater to a community focused on week-to-week survival?
  • Does your school/program have a significant number of students/clients from families in low socio-economic circumstances or an ICSEA rating of 1100 or less?
  • Are your staff struggling to find strategies that are effective in overcoming student apathy and disinterest in education?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions our Reboot Engaging Education program has the tools to reduce the educational disadvantage in your community.

  • Are your staff and students looking for the tools to maximize their potential in the classroom and beyond?
  • Do you want to access the Whole Brain in the classroom to improve outcomes, motivation and resilience?
  • Are you seeking a social and emotional wellness program that integrates into the classroom culture giving young people the skills that they need to thrive in our rapidly changing and uncertain future?
  • Are you seeking the best cutting-edge and Whole-Brain educational practice?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions Reboot Whole-Brain Teaching and Learning gives you the tools to maximize the student learning and satisfaction in your school.

Together we can create learning and work environments where everyone can thrive.

Since embarking on the Reboot program our school has been transformed. We have calmer classrooms, goal oriented students and staff have a clear understanding of how trauma effects brain development. We have been able to teach students strategies that genuinely help them to focus on learning. I highly recommend this program.

Christine Hill - Principal, Carinity Education Southside

Reboot has given me the tools I need to implement a whole class program to address the needs of all the students in the room, especially those with lots of emotional and social needs. The level of engagement that the kids have in the program is phenomenal. They respond positively to every aspect, and they retain it and use it. The overall feeling of the classroom is much more settled by using the Reboot language and concepts.

Megan O'Meara - Assistant Principal, Bonalbo Central School

I use Reboot in my classroom. I use it in my planning every day. I've had a huge change for the better with my students. We've moved from self-regulation to empathy and kindness. Reboot changed the lives of my students, thank you. Please I'd encourage all schools to implement this program - life changing.

Keree Brodie - Teacher, Deception Bay North State School

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