Reboot with us…

Access the Whole Brain to improve learning and life success

Reboot is an innovative, proven program that addresses barriers to engagement arising from childhood adversity, trauma and low socio-educational advantage.  Evolving over 10 years of working in schools and youth programs, Reboot integrates the latest multidisciplinary research and evidence-based practice in traumatology, neuroscience, developmental and educational psychology, positive psychology, human potential, social change theory, mindfulness and yoga. The Reboot 7-Step framework integrates social and emotional wellness into your daily interactions and enhances the use of executive brain functioning to compliment all pedagogies, curriculum content and frameworks:

1.  Create calm
2.  Connect and belong
3.  Get centred
4.  Self-regulate
5.  Grow well
6.  Engage and Learn
7.  Meaning and Purpose

Our 2-Day Introductory Reboot training experientially introduces Whole-Brain Teaching and Learning. Learn more here.

While wonderful benefits can be seen from the introduction of the Reboot 7-Step Framework in an individual classroom or practice, results increase exponentially when the Framework is implemented across a whole-school or organisation. Reboot is not an add-on program but is designed to be implemented into the fabric of the school or organisation.  Explicit teaching and implicit learning through common language, environmental and organisational considerations and incidental learnings throughout each day will result in positive changes across the school/organisation. Learn more about the Reboot whole-of-school program here.

Each Reboot training or module provides you with sample lessons, clear actionable steps, evaluation processes and trouble-shooting guides.
At Reboot we consider disengagement a result of the following:
• Extreme sensitivity to stress (disproportionate reactions and hyper-vigilance)
• Relationship difficulties (problems with trust, shame and conflict)
• Emotional difficulties (difficulties managing emotions and self-regulation)
• Challenges with positive intentions for growth (self-sabotage and self-doubt)
• Cognitive confusion (problems with attention, problem solving, memory)

Reboot’s practical tools and clear, actionable steps can be adapted to a range of environments, learning and delivery styles. Reboot uses simple language and concepts that make it easy for you to deliver and use with any age group, aged 5+.
The Reboot whole-brain teaching and learning approach has been shown to:
• Improve engagement
• Inspire student confidence and goal setting
• Improve emotional self-regulation and emotional literacy
• Positively impact on self-belief
• Manage learning anxiety and create stress-aware environments with happier young people and staff
• Develop key skills essential to life success (positive relationships, problem solving etc.)
• Develop positive behaviours
• Energize and inspire staff and improve confidence and self-care
• Effectively de-escalate situations and avoid crisis
• Build self-responsibility and an internal locus of control

99.6% of participants would recommend Reboot training to others

97% of participants have expanded tools and strategies to connect effectively with young people and address disengagement as a result of Reboot training

96% of participants feel more confident in their professional role as a result of Reboot


  • Improves engagement
  • Improves emotional self-regulation
  • Positively influences self-belief and motivation
  • Builds key skills essential to life success
  • Effectively de-escalates situations
  • Energises and inspires staff
  • Encourages learner self-responsibility
  • Improves student sense of belonging and safety
  • Develops positive behaviours

Thank you Sarah, workshops straight after the holidays can be challenging. You were knowledgeable, authentic and engaging - excited to look more into Rebooting and how we can use it to improve our teaching and more importantly the experiences of the young people we support.

Angie, Teacher, Deception Bay Flexi School

Wonderful trainer, wonderful training, great way of learning! I learnt a lot and it is all useful stuff! Thank you.

Matt, Youth worker

As a result of this presentation I feel I am in a better place to meet any situation that may arise in my work with the children. Thanks.

Phillipa Hague - Act for Kids