Low socio-educational

It can be challenging to work with students who are unable to see the benefits of an education. Many of these young people come from families who have relinquished educational aspiration for a focus on week-to-week survival. In communities of low socio-educational advantage how best can we inspire and create thriving learning communities? Research clearly indicates that staff-student relationships and integrating social and emotional wellness practices into the classroom have a very significant impact on disadvantaged student outcomes. Reboot gives you a practical 7-Step Framework, complete with the language, sample lessons and clear guidelines to create great relationships and positive behavior, address motivation and build aspirational learning communities.

Re-inspire your staff, engage your students and create learning environments that facilitate engagement and great student outcomes.

5 key Causes of School Disengagement
At Reboot we consider disengagement a result of 5 key factors:
• students sensitivity to stress (disproportionate reactions and
• relationship difficulties (problems with trust, shame and conflict)
• emotional difficulties (difficulties managing emotions and self-regulation)
• challenges with positive intentions for growth (self-sabotage and
• cognitive confusion (problems with attention, problem solving, memory)

Reboot integrates the latest multidisciplinary research and evidence-based practice in traumatology, neuroscience, developmental, educational and positive psychology, social change theory, contemplative science and mindfulness and yoga.  The Reboot 7-step framework gives you practical tools and strategies to create a learning environment that engages young people and results in positive life and learning outcomes.

With the Reboot whole-brain teaching and learning approach you can:
• Improve student engagement, belonging and sense of safety
• Improve student attendance
• Reduce suspension and behaviour concerns
• Introduce the neuroscience of learning and whole-brain teaching
• Manage learning anxiety and create stress-aware classrooms with happier students and staff
• Inspire student confidence and goal setting
• Improve student emotional self-regulation
• Re-energise and inspire staff

How to Reboot

  • Whole of school/organisation programs, training and coaching
  • Staff professional development and training
  • Professional coaching and supervison (teachers, TAs, youth workers, support staff)
  • Student workshops
  • Support for parents and carers (workshops, support material and coaching

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