Sarah Ralston

Arts (Hons), M. Arts (Cultural Studies), Grad. Dip. Korean Language, Grad. Dip Psychology, Psychology (Hons), AKA.

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Sarah is the founder, CEO and Director of Whole-brain Learning and Innovation at Rebooting Life. Sarah has invested many years of research and practice to seek the most effective and innovative evidence-based practices in individual and community healing. Returning from a decade of post-graduate study in anthropology/cultural studies and community development work in Asia, Sarah pursued additional tertiary studies in science, psychology and counselling. She has combined these formal studies with training and qualifications in traumatology, neuroscience, kinesiology, counselling, yoga and mindfulness to develop a holistic and scientifically rigorous approach to personal and community well-being. Sarah employs a practice framework incorporating physical, emotional and mental wellness, while also acknowledging the importance of energetic and spiritual healing. This framework, and her collaborative approach, has proven very successful engaging individuals and families from Indigenous, non-English speaking and marginalized communities.
Sarah has worked in community development at international (APEC), state (Cabramatta, NSW) and local levels (Relationships Australia, Community Solutions), and coordinated approaches to disengaged youth and complex case management throughout the Brisbane and Ipswich regions as the Regional Youth Support Coordinator with Education Queensland. Employed by various NGOs, Sarah has extensive experience providing case management and support for young people and their families in Northern NSW, regional QLD and the Brisbane area.
In response to a lack of structured, practical and effective complex (childhood) trauma interventions, Sarah developed the Reboot program. Reboot has delivered training and consultation to over 100 organisations including QLD Child Safety and Youth Justice, Education Queensland, YMCA Vocational Schools, Carinity Education, Boystown, Berry St Victoria and over 30 more youth-related programs. Sarah has also developed Recharge, a vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue preventative program for front-line workers. All of Sarah’s training is experiential and encourages participants to grow in self-awareness and self-responsibility as the key to self-empowerment.

Stephanie Curtis

Bachelor of Arts – Drama (Education Strand), Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)

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Stephanie’s drive and passion for ensuring all young people are supported to engage in life and learning has led her from the classroom into regional office teams and given her the motivation to join the reboot team. Her experience in both central and regional offices have enabled her to develop and share her knowledge of whole-of-school support structures and the current research and practices in well-being and student engagement. With 25 years working within education, Stephanie brings an extensive knowledge of departmental legislation, policies and procedures implemented by schools. Stephanie’s work across early childhood to senior schooling gives her a unique insight into the full spectrum of concerns and requirements experienced by school staff and leaders in individual school settings. Her work leading a team focussed on whole-of-school support structures including mental health and well-being; student engagement; behaviour support and disciplinary consequences; student protection and students in out-of-home care has provided her with an in-depth knowledge of current practices that have been implemented by schools, the latest research in well-being, engagement and innovation within schools and the skills to effectively support change. With a well-founded and highly regarded reputation amongst Principals as someone who can identify solutions and provide advice in relation to highly complex issues, Stephanie’s experience in identifying barriers to engagement, addressing educational disengagement and developing and embedding a whole-of-school health and well-being plan is a valued addition to the Reboot team.

Sita Mannaert

Bachelor of Education, Graduate Certificate in Disability & Inclusive Education, Diploma of Childcare and Education

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Sita’s vast experience as an educator, passion for supporting the wellbeing of all students and first-hand experience building strong teams and creating positive change makes her an exciting addition to the Reboot team. Sita brings with her over 30 years experience as an educator. She has worked in a range of educational settings including Special Schools, P – 10 and High Schools and brings a wealth of knowledge around inclusion and the impact of trauma on students’ engagement and learning. In her role as Advisory teacher for Autism, Head of Special Education Services and Deputy Principal, Sita has developed strong teams and is committed to building and maintaining relationships across a diversity of contexts. Sita strongly believes that mental health and wellbeing should be a first priority for organisations and strongly advocates for front line workers in all schools. She has been instrumental in developing and implementing programs to support the wellbeing of staff in trauma affected workplaces. Her depth of knowledge and experience make her a valuable addition to the Reboot team.

Ann Wilson

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Ann is our administration and logistical extraordinaire. Bringing over thirty year’s experience in support roles working in training, finance, legal, and childcare organisations, Ann is the go-to for all our organisational needs. With a positive, can-do attitude and a gift for solutions, Ann is the primary contact to ensure you have a smooth Reboot experience. Ann is responsible for the day to day running of our business, the coordination of workshops and managing communication and logistics with each Reboot school. Her passion has always been children and young people and helping them to be the best versions of themselves and believes in the adage … it takes a village to raise a child.