Trauma Informed

To be ready to learn, each of us needs our basic needs for safety, trust, inner calm and hope to be met. Individuals who disengage from school or life in general live in a chaotic inner world, often unable to determine what they need or how to successfully ask for it. At Reboot we understand the 5 key ways a history of complex childhood trauma, abuse, neglect or ongoing childhood adversity impact on people and what can be done to practically address their needs. The proven 7-Step Reboot Framework gives you clear insight, practical tools and a system to address complex trauma while building the skills necessary for life success.

5 Key Effects of Childhood Trauma
At Reboot we consider disengagement a result of 5 key childhood trauma-related effects:
• Extreme sensitivity to stress (disproportionate reactions and hyper-vigilance)
• Relationship difficulties (problems with trust, shame and conflict)
• Emotional difficulties (difficulties managing emotions and self-regulation)
• Challenges with positive intentions for growth (self-sabotage and self-doubt)
• Cognitive confusion (problems with attention, problem solving, memory)

Reboot integrates the latest multidisciplinary research and evidence-based practice in traumatology, neuroscience, developmental, educational and positive psychology, social change theory, mindfulness and yoga. Using a proven framework Reboot gives you practical tools and strategies that address these key impacts of childhood trauma and adversity enabling young people to develop the capacity to engage positively in learning and life in a sustainable way.

With the Reboot whole-brain teaching and learning approach you can:
• Improve student engagement, belonging and sense of safety
• Manage learning anxiety and create stress-aware classrooms with happier students and staff
• Introduce the neuroscience of learning and whole-brain teaching
• Deliver trauma-informed pedagogy and support
• Inspire student confidence, self-belief and goal setting
• Improve student emotional self-regulation
• Re-energise and inspire staff

How to Reboot

  • Whole of school/organisation programs, training and coaching
  • Staff professional development and training
  • Professional coaching and supervison (teachers, TAs, youth workers, support staff)
  • Student workshops
  • Support for parents and carers (workshops, support material and coaching)

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